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 What would change if you had more of God's peace? 

About Me
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Dawn has a way of weaving together scripture, experience, and common sense. Her insights helped me finally break down a lifetime of worry, guilt, and doubt, and helped me find the peace and hope that I had been missing.”  Nancy

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"Dawn shares God’s love from her heart and her story will help you overcome those obstacles that are keeping you from a life of peace." Roseann

Dawn Marasco, a Christian Book Author From Pittsburgh, PA



God has called me to share what He has done in my life with those who are hurting and hungry for His truths.

  • Over two decades ago, I was a Christian, but I was not whole.

  • My past pains weighed me down.

  • My sin and shame covered me. 

  • My fears directed my steps and my anxiety ruled my heart.

  • I knew that God could change me ... but I didn't know how.

I was a mess for my first 9 years as a Christian.

Yet, that is when God called me.


Our God can take our wounded heart and do above and beyond all that we could ever ask, think, imagine, or even pray. He is faithful. I am living proof that He can make us whole. What He has done for me, He can DO FOR YOU! 

My heart is to bring Christ’s hope, freedom, and peace to those who are hurting and/or desiring a deeper relationship with God

I hope to journey with you. 


Are you hurting?
Do you desire to be made whole?

Are you hungry for the truths of God?
Do you desire a deeper relationship with God?

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Continuous Peace
4 Steps to Living the Life of Peace
God Intended

I know the stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, frustration, and exhaustion that accompanies a life lived without God’s peace. I had lived this way for the first nine years of my Christian life. In the book, Continuous Peace, I vulnerably share my life, along with the obstacles and barriers that had kept me from living the life of peace that God intended.

God has used these 4 Steps to transform my life. They help to illuminate the obstacles and the lies that entangle us. In this book, I share numerous examples from my life, and I uncover the seven areas that I have found are the most destructive to our peace.

Do you want to know how to live by His peace in your everyday life?

In this book, I will share the same truths and tools that God used to transform my own messy, fearful life. You will learn how to be equipped with God's peace as a way of life, even during devastating circumstances.

Please join me! Your future self will thank you for it.


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Dawn's Main Speaking Topics
  • Come As You Are

  • Continuous Peace

  • He is Faithful ~ Empowered to Walk by Faith

  • Retreat: Design Your Harvest