Negative Thoughts

We have been speaking about what you feed will grow. This is a life principle. A plant feeds on the nutrients in the soil, sunshine and water. Equally true is the principle that what we starve will die. Just like when a thriving plant is placed in a closet with no light or water, overtime, it will die. These life principles apply to us today. What have we been feeding? Perhaps we have fed negative patterns in our life. So when we starve those bad attitudes, thoughts, and ways of living by not feeding them, it’s likened to the plant in the dark closet. It dies. Negative thoughts may be something that we feed. I know many people who sow negative thoughts about themselves so often they lose sight of the truth of who they are. We need to recognize the negative thoughts in our lives not feed them. These negative patterns of thinking will lose its power. Negative thoughts keep us down.Negative thoughts that we can speak about ourselves can be: “I am so dumb. I am always going to be like this. I will never change. Nothing will ever go my way. How could I have sinned like that, I will never forgive myself. God can never forgive me, or use me. I am useless. I will always be lonely and unhappy. I will never get caught up or ahead.” That type of thinking has focused on the negative and lost sight of the TRUTH. In recognizing the TRUTH you need to remember WHO you are IN Christ: YOU ARE FORGIVEN. YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE. Your past has been wiped away and you have become a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS!!! The Holy Spirit is now in YOU. He has given you EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR LIFE AND GODLINESS. The joy of the Lord is our strength. He promises to NEVER LEAVE US NOT FORSAKE US. WE ARE HIS CHILD; His BELOVED. Yet as a Child of God we discount what Christ has done. We forget who He is. We do not recognize where we would be without Him. We FEED ourselves lies of all that we do wrong. We remind ourselves of the sins we have committed. We are bound by our weaknesses. Our focus is so tuned into the negative that we cannot see clearly the truth. When I homeschooled, I realized through our science classes that God made every creature with a strength and a weakness. If we are able to understand that God created all things and all people with strengths and weaknesses, then we should realize that it is not by accident that we were created with a weakness. Our weaknesses should lead us to depend on Him. Our weaknesses were not meant to give ourselves a tool to beat ourselves with. We need to embrace who we are, weaknesses and all. I had a magnet on my refrigerator that read, “God loves you just as you are. But He loves you too much to let you stay there.” How many of us know we are in a transformation process? We aren’t who we were. We are being transformed into who He wants us to be. That means taking every thought captive. Let’s start with our negative thoughts.

  • Don’t empower Negative thoughts. We need to STOP and REDIRECT them to Him! Thoughts are a funny thing. The initial thought is not sin. The entertaining of that thought is what produces the sin.

  • ​​I remember when God was first starting to convict me of negative thoughts toward myself. I would go to Him with the thought and say, “this is what I am feeling about myself. Then I would say, BUT WHAT DO YOU SAY about me?” Then I would wait for the Lord to speak to my heart. I would hear a truth from the bible that would remind me of who I was or how He saw me. I would hear one of the following. “You are loved. You are my beloved. You are Precious, a child of the Most High God. You are a child of the King. I love you.” I had to choose to believe the truth and let that truth fill me. It did change my heart.

  • One time I recognized that I was having negative thoughts about someone I did not even know. Immediately I put into practice what God was showing me. In my mind I said a loud, “NO!!!!” Then I quickly repented and I began to pray blessings for that person.

By saying NO, to the negative thought STOPPED in its tracks. Then by the act of repentance and prayer our thoughts are REDIRECTED to Him. When our thoughts are on Him, it restores our heart and mind.

  • Negative thoughts build walls. Negative thoughts in marriage cause divisions. I’ve learned to think the best of my husband. Recognize the negative thoughts. Pray and leave it with God. Then choose to bring down the walls that I have built.

  • Do you get easily offended by your spouse or those close to you? Though we deeply love those closest to us, we tend to get annoyed by them. At times, even the little things they do bother us.

When I that I am thinking negative thoughts toward my husband, I ask God to forgive me. I remind myself what I love about him and how God has blessed our marriage. Then, I recall a vulnerable place in him which sparks my compassion for him. Next, I move toward him. I sit down next to him. By the time I reach out to touch him, the negative thoughts are removed. Many times my husband has no idea that I would be struggling with some negative thoughts toward him. Negative thoughts are a poison. They do not have to be our way of life. If we are prone to feed them, we need to be quick to recognize what we're doing, stop entertaining those thoughts and repent. Then go about the rebuilding process. Are you feeding negative thoughts toward yourself or toward others? Do you want to stop? Have you recognized the destruction, and division that those negative thoughts cause? Has the negativity built walls around you? I have learned the hard way that even as God's child what I feed will grow. So if I continue to think and act on negative thoughts. Those thoughts will build a wall between myself, God, and others. But the beauty of it is when we feed love and other positive things they will grow. Let us continue to do good and not grow weary. We will reap a good harvest if we do not give up. By the grace, mercy and power of God let’s put negativity in the closet and feed our lives with the sunshine of His TRUTH and love. Dawn