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One Practical Thing + the Best Thing!

Worshiping Jesus in this glorious season is on my heart. So many times, I have gotten caught up in all of the busyness of the season.

One practical thing that my husband and I have done to alleviate a lot of the stress of this season was to find a better way of gift giving. We decided for the last few years at Thanksgiving that my family (our adult kids and us) would pull a card with a specific name and that is who we buy gifts for. We determine a sensible amount of money to spend. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy something little for them individually. It’s usually a personalized, sentimental or comfort gift, but this has helped us more than anything else. With less shopping we can all enjoy the holiday season, yet it also helps to satisfy our desire to give gifts to one another on Christmas Day.

With more time we are able to focus on the greatest Gift ever given, Jesus.

He is worthy of being praised!

I also want to share my heart about worshiping and adoring our Lord during this beautiful season, called CHRISTmas. It is a HOLY = HOLIday when we get to celebrate Him.

Worship + Adore go hand-in-hand. We worship not because of our circumstances, but because of who He is! He is worthy of our worship. When we worship Him, we lift Him up as Lord, Lord of our lives. And when He is Lord, we can rest in Him!

Let’s adore Him = Let’s Love Him, worship, esteem, respect, admire, revere, glorify, and exalt Him as the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

Let’s adore & love Him.

Let’s worship (adore, love, be devoted to) Him.

Let’s esteem (appreciate, value, cherish, prize, and honor) Him.

Let’s admire (have a high regard for, be in awe of) Him.

Let’s revere (look up to and have an honoring fear of) Him.

Let’s glorify (lift up, adore, exalt, praise) Him.

Let’s exalt (promote, applaud) Him.

We get to worship Him! We get to honor Him by being devoted to Him. We are His, every day and in every way. What a BLESSING!

During this holiday season my challenge to us is to worship God in many ways. Yes, with worship music but most importantly with a worship-filled heart.

  • Let’s focus our attention on the One who humbled Himself, as a vulnerable baby, to become the Savior of the world.

  • Our Savior … who saved us from all of our sins… for all eternity.

  • His birth changed history!

  • Our belief in Him changes our history!

That is a lot of reasons to praise Him!

Now may this glorious Christmas season draw us near to Him and may we be blessed in His presence. I pray that you are so filled up with Him that His love will overflow to those around you!

May our worship of the Lord brighten and lift up our hearts this Christmas!


PS email me at I would love to know:

Your favorite way to worship the Lord.


Share your favorite worship song(s)?

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