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Peace is a gift.

Peace is not for sale.
Peace is a gift from God.

Peace is not for sale or everyone would buy it, it is a gift from God. 

I don’t know about you but… it was hard to learn how to have God’s peace.

I grew up with NO peace. My life from as young as I can remember was led by fear, past pain, and uncertainty. You can read my story at It tells about my early life up to the age of 19 when my fiancé was murdered. (read story) In that season I was desperate for love and I was lonely to my core. Spiritually and emotionally I was in a pit of despair and had no peace at all. BUT GOD … WITH TEARS IN MY EYES… I literally mean … BUT GOD! 

I thank God there are the BUT GOD moments.

Just this week, I had a special and vulnerable moment that I’d like to share with you.

I walked past a picture of myself, one I pass every day, but this day I stopped and my heart felt her pain. Compassion filled my heart and I cried softly.

As I looked at that young girl (myself at about 8), I said,

“Hey there, little one, I know you are hurting, sad, and so lonely. You do not even know what a good future looks like, BUT GOD… I want to comfort you by letting you know that He is with you. He never leaves you! He has good plans for you. He redeems your pain and gives you a great husband who loves you, and as of now you have been married for 35 years. (It seems impossible, but God.) He also has given you the desires of your heart and has blessed you with 4 sweet kids. Have hope … God will use your pain for good and He will help others through what He teaches you. God has a good, though not always easy and even very difficult at times, but good future ahead of you! Hold onto Him!! And know that He is with you every step of your life!”

I was crying the whole time I spoke to my younger self. It still makes me cry because it is true. That broken little girl wanted a good life with God in the center of her family, even though she had no way of knowing how to accomplish that. God did.

God sees a plan for our lives… even when we can’t.  He is always with us, even when we can’t see Him.

In my late 20’s I began to work with God to learn HOW to have His peace, I purposely told myself as I was going through the pain of transformation … “Your future self will thank you some day for not giving up, or giving in, or abandoning the process of knowing God’s peace.”  

On this side of my transformation, I AM SO THANKFUL that my focus was on having a deep personal relationship with Jesus and BECOMING who He has for me to be!!

Transformation is hard, but it is WORTH IT!

Because of what God has done for me I have compassion and a desire to help others find peace in their own life – because I know how hard it is to live with a fleeting peace or no peace at all.


I would love to share a BRAND-NEW Webinar with you: What is Robbing Your Peace? 


You will get answers, I promise! Let me shine a little light through my own life on what may be robbing your peace.

I would love to have you there. No obligation.


REGISTER FOR MY WEBINAR here – You will be blessed.


We have been given the most awesome gift! God has provided a way for us to live a life of peace. This is not a fleeting peace but a peace that we can count on.


Hoping we can journey together,



  • LIVE Saturday, January 20th at 11 am

  • By signing up, I will send you a link to the playback

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