Understanding the Cost of a Destructive Harvest Part 1

Sometimes we know the things we do are wrong but until we see the cost, we continue to do them. That was me. I wanted to change. I realized that what I was sowing was producing a destructive harvest. However, it wasn’t until I saw the effects or the cost that it changed my heart. God showed me a picture of the cost of my harvests. It was a scene of the future when I would stand before Him in heaven. I will share that picture with you, but first I want to share a scripture that best explains the cost of a destructive harvest.

The above Scripture, 1 Corinthians 3:10-15, was an amazing life changing Scripture for me. I knew my life was filled with harvests of destruction because although I had the foundation of Jesus Christ as my Savior, I was daily choosing to build with what was void of His Spirit. I was building with fears, insecurities, jealousy, self-protection and doing what I thought was right. Like wood, hay and straw these were the very things God was warning me would burn up when I see him face-to-face on that Day; the day I go to heaven and all that I built will be tested.

I knew the truth and I wanted to change the harvests that I had built, but I guess I did not take it seriously enough. I knew that I had to choose to follow Christ and trust him with everything that came my way. Although, when I would face a fear, I gave into the fear more often than I chose faith and trust. This added to the destructive harvest I already had built!

I know God was fighting for me to understand this principle because one day He gave me a very visual picture in order to help me to understand the cost of my destructive harvest. God showed me a glimpse into what the moment would look like when I saw the cost of my harvest on that Day:

He stood before me and immediately I KNEW HE IS FAITHFUL! I mean with everything in me I KNEW that He was FAITHFUL! It was as if His faithfulness consumed me and it exposed my unfaithfulness. Immediately, I knew all that I had sown in fear and mistrust, was sown with disregard to His FAITHFULNESS! I realized that I could have trusted Him because He was trustworthy. But I knew I had chosen NOT to trust Him and I had regret! In the face of His FAITHFULNESS, I was consumed with the reality of how I lived my life in fear instead of trusting Him. I knew all my sowing was in vain. It was now obvious that I could have trusted Him!

I saw all that I had sown: fears, mistrusts, and anxieties. I had not trusted God with my life or the lives of those I loved. I did not trust Him with my future. I held back from becoming who He wanted me to be. In all honesty I was afraid of His unknown plans. Although faced with the reality that He is faithful, my heart cried out. I wept tears filled with sorrow as I asked Him, “Why did I not trust You? Why did I not let You in? Why did I choose to live in fear?”

I now have a real clear picture of what it looks like to see all that you have sown to be worth nothing in eternity. It was that day that I decided I will learn to trust Him and take serious this walk of faith. I wanted to learn how to sow seeds of faith and trust instead of all that I was sowing in the forms of fear, doubt, mistrust, doing what I thought was right instead of learning to please the Spirit.

After that day I began to pray, “Remind me Lord that You are faithful. You have a plan for my life that I do not want to thwart those plans. I DO NOT WANT TO COME TO HEAVEN WITH REGRET; knowing that You were trustworthy, yet, while on this earth I choose to embrace my fears and not You.”

I had to work with Christ in order to build with materials that would not burn up. But what were the things that would NOT burn in heaven; the gold, silver and costly stones? I have found that the gold is sowing in God’s love, silver is having faith and trust in God and when I see costly stones I think of obedience because obedience is costly but it is worth it. It will not burn up; it will be rewarded.

(Gal.5 6b-7)NIV The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. You were running a good race and who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?

It is true we can be doing right and obeying God and we can get off track. We can start building with things that will burn. What are some of the works that we can build with using wood, hay or straw; the things that easily burn? I think a common item to build with is self-will and self-strength. Doing things that we think are right. Doing them in our own strength and not in the power the Lord has given to us, by His spirit is like wood. It will burn up.

Proverbs 14:11-12(NIV) 11 The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish. 12 There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.

That's what will happen every day when we built with what we think is right. It ends in death. Like wood, it will burn up and lead to the death of reward… death of making a difference for Christ in this life.

Hay or straw start a fire but it burns out quickly and so does every fearful stronghold that keeps us from doing God's will. Pride, self-seeking, self-pleasures; every act of the flesh, people pleasing, anger, discord, jealousy, gossip, hatred, envy and all that is contrary to the spirit of God will burn quickly.

What have you been building with? Is it wood, Hay, straw, gold, silver or costly stones? God warns us to BE CAREFUL HOW WE BUILD. He promises all that we built will be tested by fire. We may look like we get away with the flesh nature doing what looks good instead of what is good, building by fear instead of building by faith. But the Day is coming, when we will stand before God and all of our works will be tested by fire. We have a choice right now to decide what materials we will build with, and whom we will please.

These are somber thoughts that we can change our reward in eternity, if we recognize what we are building with. I will describe in part 2, a new way of living with a new harvest. Until then allow God to reveal to you what you are building withis it the gold of His love, the silver of faith and trust, and are you building with the costly stones of obedience, because it does make a difference in this life and in eternity.

Let’s build what will not burn!

In His Love,