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JumpStart Your Peace: Click for Specials

This course is filled with 35+ years of tried-and-true truths and tools that promote healing, freedom, peace, and joy.

If you like to work at your own pace, learn straightforward truths, be encouraged, and have applicable tools to experience a deeper walk with God which overflows with His peace. - This course is for you!

Check it out. Your future self will thank you!

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7 Prayers that Led to Peace.

Here are 7 of the prayers that led to God’s peace in my life!

These 7 prayers will help you draw near to God. You will build your relationship with God and experience a closeness to Him by bringing Him your heart daily.

These prayers can help you in your everyday life. I’ve had many who copied relevant prayers and posted them in areas that they could be seen and quickly prayed.  

7 Prayers

Build Your Faith * Be Restored
 Be Empowered to Live Your Best Life in Christ

 Mentorship for Women – You CAN Thrive!

This is where I share my best material to help you build your faith, be restored, and be empowered to live your best life in Christ. Be mentored and join a community of Christian women.


Check it out: You Can Thrive! Women's Mentorship

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