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Bring Your Cup: A Story of Transformation

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Have you ever been so frustrated in your walk with God that you cry out,

How long . . . O Lord . . . will I be like this!?!

That is where I was as a young Christian woman. I grew up in a non-Christian home. Starting a family of my own, I was desperate to be changed. But my change felt as slow as molasses.

It was during a time of reading the Bible that I got so frustrated with myself and my progress with God that I stood up and cried out, “How long, O Lord? How long will I be like this?

Abruptly I walked to the kitchen sink with my cup of coffee in hand, and I turned on the water. That’s when I felt God gently speak to my heart, saying,

Place your cup of coffee under the running water.

As I placed my cup of coffee under the water, the pure, clean water poured into my cup. I watched the good go in and the dark flow out. Although the clear water was pushing out the dark coffee, I really saw no change within the cup.

Again, I cried out in frustration, “Nothing is happening!

That is how I felt in my own life. I was putting the Word of God in, but nothing was happening. I was not changing.

I felt God prompt my heart, “Watch and see.”

So I waited as the good, clean water pushed out the dark water.

After what seemed like a very long time, I could see the coffee water was getting lighter and then lighter still, until it ran crystal-clear.

Lovingly God spoke to my heart,

This is what I am doing in your life.

Keep coming to Me daily and bring Me your cup.

I will fill it, cleanse it,

and I will overflow your cup with good things.”

Although I was not where I wanted to be in my walk with God, that day I realized God was cleaning the inside of my cup. I knew it would take some time because my cup was full of dark water.

Day by day God wants us to bring Him our cup.

  • He wants to fill us,

  • cleanse us,

  • heal us,

  • and bless us.

God’s Word is like the crystal-clear water that He uses to transform us.

Just like the dark coffee water changed over time, so will our lives be transformed by the renewing of our mind through the Word of God.

He is faithful, and He will do it, but we must bring Him our cup to fill and to overflow.

Are you frustrated with your progress with God?

Are you willing to give Him your cup?

Will you ask Him to fill it and even overflow it?

He calls us to come and bring Him our cup no matter what the condition of the contents. When we recognize the darkness within our cup, our first response may be, “I can’t come to God like this. I have to clean myself up first!” This mind-set will become an obstacle that keeps us far from God.

God has called us to keep coming to Him as we are.

  • By staying close to God,

  • being in His Word,

  • and trusting Him with our heart,

  • we will be transformed!

A surrendered life . . . is a life that He will fill and overflow!

Let’s bring Him our cup,


P.S.I would love to hear from you. I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!!! Join me on a free call.

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