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Calling All Women in the Pittsburgh Area!

Hello Friend,

What if I told you, you CAN design your future harvest… Would you be interested?

What if I personally taught you HOW to CREATE A ROADMAP to ABUNDANT LIVING… Would you want to know how?

Well, that is exactly what I want to INVITE YOU to, Saturday, JUNE 25th, 2022, at Amplify Church East. (9:30am-1:30pm) LUNCH will be provided!

Even as a Christian, we can think… “HOW DID I GET HERE!?!”

Honestly, I will help you to understand your how & lead you as you create your individualized and personal RoadMap to the harvest you desire.

  • Design Your Harvest is for Christian women who desire to Create a RoadMap to Abundant Living.

  • This workshop includes a workbook and is full of Biblical truths and tools to equip you in your journey.

  • We will have time for reflection as well as a prayer team ready to support you.

These three sessions are applicable to our everyday lives and are truly life changing. These are the same life lessons that guide my own life.

We will cover:

Session 1: Design Your Harvest

Session 2: The Great Exchange

Session 3: Create Your RoadMap to Abundant Living

This is a perfect workshop if you are desiring spiritual growth.

This workshop is also perfect for those in a season of hurt, fear, uncertainty, or simply feeling overwhelmed or stuck, because this is an opportunity to do something about that!

We all have areas of life where past pains still negatively impact us today. Yet, we desire freedom and so much more! If you are uncertain of how to move forward and gain traction toward the life you really want to live, join me on Saturday, June 25th at Amplify Church in Plum for a powerful morning designed just for YOU!!!

This workshop will be fun, eye-opening, and give you the tools to guide you into the abundant life God has called you to.

I promise, there is HOPE! You can have a deeper walk with God and a more abundant life by implementing the truths and tools that I am going to share with you to Design YOUR Harvest at this June 25th workshop.

Please join me. Click Here for Tickets:

I’d love to see you & work together in-person!

Dawn Marasco

PS Limited Seating. Please REGISTER today!

Design Your Harvest: Saturday, JUNE 25th, 2022, at Amplify Church East. (9:30am-1:30pm) LUNCH will be provided!

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