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Look What God has Done!

Updated: Apr 3

Friend, we all go through hard times and there are seasons that we trust God for the outcomes even when we don’t see our way through. That has been true for me for my whole life. Recently we saw God do what only He could do! I hope this brings hope to us all that God sees us. He is working on our behalf.

Let me share a moment when we saw God move! God answered our son’s prayers and helped him lift a financial debt from his shoulders. Our youngest son was awarded the Chick-fil-A $25,000 True Inspiration Scholarship.

This was a very big deal for us. We all praised God for this amazing gift and we celebrated BIG. What a fun day!!!

Luke applied for this scholarship in the fall, but because it’s very difficult to receive, he was still looking for ways to help with future school debt. He has witnessed the burden of financial debt in our family and hopes to finish college without debt, if possible.

In January Luke mentioned he was fasting. I questioned why. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I just want to give God everything and spend time talking to Him about everything. I want to talk to Him about my life, relationships, leadership, work, and finances for school. I want God’s will in it all.”

I smiled just hearing his heart. I knew that he was beginning to stress over tuition for the next school year. He wanted to look into more scholarships. But during this fast God put on his heart, I am opening a door for you that you cannot open. 

Luke said, “In the past I’ve wondered if I hear from God, but this was so clear and I had so much peace that I trusted it was God.” He continued, “I had no idea what God would do, but I felt that I was supposed to trust Him and wait.”

A few days after he’d told me what God had put on his heart, my husband and I received a call informing us that Luke was awarded the TRUE INSPIRATION Scholarship. Honestly, my husband and I stood, held each other, and cried as they explained this is their biggest award for college students and only a few students receive it.

We cried because we knew this would alleviate the weight of school debt from Luke’s shoulders! We knew this would be a new freedom for him.

We also cried because we saw how hard our son works at everything. He puts 110% into all he does: work, school, volunteering, connecting at work, inviting others to church, and discipling many. He is going to school for Christian Leadership. He desires to be a pastor someday.

These are just some of the reasons I can say that Luke is a true inspiration to us!

What a day!! Thank you Chick-fil-A for investing in Luke's future!! You see what we see in Luke! PRAISE GOD!!!!

Luke is the first to say: to God be ALL the Glory!!! 


Happy Easter Friends!!! Keep looking to the One who sees us and meets us where we are!

He knows our needs and He really does care about each one of us!


Praying God blesses you and yours now and always!





PS Let me know if there is anything I can pray for you.

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