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Hello, friends!!!

I’d love to CELEBRATE TOGETHER! It is hard to believe that my Mentorship started a year ago!!! What a great year it has been!

In CELEBRATION I want to invite you to check it out firsthand. For an entire month you can be my guest and glean from all of the courses within!

You CAN Thrive Mentorship … is 1 year old!


YOU’RE INVITED!  Calling all women.

My ONLINE Mentoring Community is focusing on PEACE in 2024. This month we will be focusing on HOW to Reprogram our heart and mind with God’s truth! We will overwrite the things holding us back from God and His peace.

You can work at your own pace. You’ll receive 3 short but transformative videos with handouts to personally process the material. You’ll also be blessed by the discussion in our community.

Then JOIN Us … in our monthly Group Coaching CallDuring this call we discuss the months material: HOW to Reprogram our heart and mind. Together we’ll become more confident in God and His truths as we apply them to overwrite what is holding us back from His peace. You will create a Roadmap for peace in your own life! It is so powerful!

This is a great month to use this material and go deeper in your relationship with God!

Join us! You will love this community! 


Here is a link to Gain Access to PEACE IN 2024

Be my guest, free access to all of my courses.


So thankful we get to celebrate together!

Forever friends,



Our Coaching Call will be the LIVE Wednesday, March 27th, 7 pm

(the last Wednesday of every month at 7 pm)

If you miss the live event, no problem, you can watch the replay.

Be my guest, check out all of my courses in one place. 



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