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God is Calling You to Freedom

Hello friend, THANK YOU for your support and encouragement. I hope this email meets you right where you are. Friend, I am cheering you on to THRIVE! In today’s BONUS THRIVE Newsletter I will:

  1. Share a 2-part powerful podcast

  2. Introduce you to an amazing counselor

I like sharing some of the fun things we are doing. Recently I was on the Free to Be Me Podcast hosted by Michelle Croyle. These podcast episodes are an encouragement for us to trust God and come to Him as we are! The Free to Be Me Podcast with Dawn Marasco Part 1 The Free to Be Me Podcast with Dawn Marasco Part 2


  • how God met me in my brokenness and gave me a glimpse of heaven, after my fiancé was murdered.

  • how God will meet us in the messy, dark places and bring light and healing.

PART 2 OF THE PODCAST Michelle and I discuss how my thinking and conversations were changing as God was healing me.

That is the joy of working with a living God. He is in us and He is working through us and really transforming our lives. It is so exciting!

Part of the solution is:

  1. We have to believe that we can be free.

  2. Surrender can become the soil for healing, freedom, peace, and joy.

When we surrender, we open our hands and let it go… to God. He will take it and replace it with something beautiful. In my new book Continuous Peace, I clearly lay out the steps to this life changing process. When we release the old… it makes room for the new. You will have more room for the LOVE that God has for you. More room in your heart and mind to know:

  • You are loved.

  • You are seen.

  • You are forgiven.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly!

(John 10:10)

Today is the BEST DAY to start your healing.

Today is the BEST DAY to start trusting Him.

Trust that He wants us healed and whole.

If God is calling you to FREEDOM, He will be FAITHFUL to see you through it.


The Free to Be Me Podcast is hosted by Michelle Croyle. I recommend Michelle to you as a wonderful counselor. Here is her Bio: Michelle Croyle is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Abundant Freedom Counseling, LLC in Monroeville, PA where she and her associate specialize in treating women experiencing trauma and anxiety. She hosts The Free to Be Me Podcast. Michelle’s goal is to love people like Christ does and to lead as many people as possible into the experience of true freedom and healing.

You can connect with Michelle: Email: Her website: The podcast:


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