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God-Sized Steps ... I Can Do ALL Things

Friend, thank you for sharing about the God-sized steps in your life.

Today, I will share my God-sized step.

Now may the Lord of peace Himself grant you His peace at all times and in every way [that peace and spiritual well-being that comes to those who walk with Him, regardless of life’s circumstances]. The Lord be with you all.

2 Thessalonians 3:16 (AMP)

Continuous Peace, 4 Steps to Living the Life of Peace God Intended

November 2nd the book is RELEASED!!! (In a few days.)

YES! I have partnered with God to write my story of being ruled by fear, anxiety, shame, loneliness, having a weak relationship with God and being desperate for His peace. I knew as a Christian I should be living with his peace, but I did not know how. I did not know how to release my past wounds, nor did I know the obstacles that were robbing me of God’s continuous peace.

I cried out to God, surrendered my wounded heart to Him… And He began to heal me and teach me that His peace is a gift. He showed me how to receive it, and how I could keep His peace as my way of life. What I have learned has transformed my entire life. His peace keeps me every day and even through the most devastating times.

I have been writing this book for the last four years and multiple times I have taught these principles to small groups. I wanted to test the material out, to see if what God had taught me … would impact others. As I have taught the 4 Steps to God’s Continuous Peace, I have joyfully watched God meet others where they are, and lead them to His peace. I have been delighted to see their relationship with God grow throughout the process.

What God has done for me He is doing for others.

Every God-sized step comes combined with areas that are just TOO BIG for us. I have encountered many of those difficult steps all along the way. Each time I keep my peace by crying out to God that, “This step is TOO BIG for me. I am not able to take this step!” … But then I remind myself of these few things:

· One, since God has called me to it, He will get me through it.

· Two, I am not able, but God will ENABLE me to do all He is calling me to do.

· Three, I cannot do this on my own, but God has promised to provide all that I need… including those who can help me… all along the way.

· Then I thank Him for all He has done and for those who have helped me in amazing ways thus far.

I am at another DIFFICULT point in my journey.

I need to obediently share this material that God has entrusted to me… to help equip His people with the tools to have and keep His peace. But this is where I am the WEAKEST!

It is easy for me to work with others one-on-one, in a group or even sharing from a stage. But for this to go out in the manner I feel God desires, I need others’ help. Social media is my weakness.

My personal reach to spread the good news about the 4 Steps to Living the Life of Peace God Intended is very limited.

I am praying for God to give me those who are willing to help me in small ways… so that TOGETHER we can make a huge impact for the kingdom of God.



a. PRAY for Tom and me. I am looking for those who are interested in praying for us as we go forward and encounter specific needs for us or opportunities for our ministry.

b. PRAY for others. I would love to have a team of people so that I could pass on others’ needs to be covered in prayer.


a. READ the Introduction to my book, Continuous Peace on my website:

That is the quickest way to see where I was before I had peace and the beginning of my journey to have God’s peace. And see if you think it will resonate with others.

b. READ the book. MONDAY, I will have a SPECIAL offer on my site for the book. Please consider buying it and reading it so that you can help me by sharing the good that you are receiving from the book.


a. Who doesn’t NEED MORE PEACE?

Think about it… what if we can help others live the life of PEACE GOD INTENDED. What a gift we could give to our family, friends, and acquaintances. TOGETHER we can get the word out and really transform the lives of others! I know what God has done for me… He will do for others!

b. If you want to help me get the word out, I will keep you in the loop about what to send and when.

c. We want to have bonuses for those who are on our launch team. We plan to have behind the scenes materials and discounts on products or merch we will offer.


Let’s get the good news out about Continuous Peace, 4 Steps to Living the Life of Peace God Intended.

PLEASE RESPOND and let me know if I can count on you to help me on my GOD-SIZED STEP. It would be a blessing if you chose any of the above 3 points. You are a true blessing to us. Thanks for being a part of our inner circle. May the Lord bless you with His PEACE continuously!

Going forward in FAITH,

Dawn & Tom

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