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He Replaces the Darkness

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Friend, Our God Replaces Our Darkness!

If you haven’t read the last email, (Bring Your Cup) you can read it at: This email continues from those thoughts.

I want to encourage you that:


He can remove the dark contents and replace them with His good things

Years ago, I was planning on sharing the analogy of Bring Your Cup with a group of women.

I wanted to use a white coffee cup as a physical illustration to show visibly the darkness that had been in my own heart.

So within the cup I wrote in black permanent marker the following words:

pain, sorrow, mistrust, insecurity, lack of love, loneliness, paralyzing fears, sin, shame, regret, let down, fooled again, rude, controlling, jealous, broken promises, crushing losses, and shattered dreams.

any of those pains ring true for you? Which ones?

I used permanent marker as an example showing the permanence of those pains that can remain unless they are healed.

What I found was that as I tried to remove those written dark words from the cup, it was difficult.

Suddenly I had the idea to use a Magic Eraser.

When I added water to the Magic Eraser, the words I had written with the permanent marker were removed easily from the cup.

This became a great example of how our lives can look … when we work with God, the One who created us and knows us intimately.

We can bring Him our messy cups, which represent our wounded lives.

  • His powerful Holy Spirit is at work within us.

  • He will overwrite and heal those painful places.

  • He will rework our lives into something beautiful.

  • God’s Spirit (Magic Eraser) is in us.

  • As we add God’s powerful Word (water) to our past wounds…

  • He will cleanse us,

  • heal us,

  • and overflow our lives with good things!

We are in good hands when we give Him our cup.

  • He gently holds us,

  • knowing exactly how to remove those darkened places.

  • God diligently does His part,

  • but we also have a part to play in our own healing.

When we work with God, beautifully, He replaces the darkness within our heart with the light of His truths.




He Reprograms our heart with truths such as these: