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Know Who He Is

Friends, I am in an extended season filled with stress and grief. I know I am not the only one going through a difficult time. When we find ourselves in these types of situations…

  • What do we do?

  • Where do we go?

  • Who do we turn to?

We know that we can turn to God. When I am going through hard times, immediately I run to God. He is the One I know has my answers and the help I need. But there are times when sorrow lingers, and stress compounds like a heavy weight. That is when I need to be more intentional about pressing into God.

But HOW do we press in?

In our everyday lives we need to know who He is. In the difficult seasons of life, we definitely need to remind ourselves of who God is.

Know Who He Is

I have learned that our peace will grow exponentially by knowing Him. It is a gift to know who He is. The word know is better explained as to know by experience. Over the years, I have come to know God as the Bible has revealed Him, which has helped me to grow in my personal relationship with Him. But by taking my Bible knowledge and living it out as true, I now know Him by experiencing Him throughout my life.

For example, you may know from the Bible that He is our Provider.

However, when you trust God to provide specifically what you need, and He does, you now know Him as your Provider. It is so powerful to know Him personally! Our peace is strengthened by knowing God through our personal experiences.

In our sorrowful seasons as we turn to Him and we are comforted, we now know Him to be our Comforter. When we turn to Him and He is there, we now know Him as our Friend.

If I were to ask you to write down descriptive words about who He is, what would you write? Take a few moments and consider who God is and then write it down.

He is...

Let’s take a moment and look at a few reminders of who He is:

Was there a name for God that stood out to you?

Is there a name for God that you need to hold onto?

How blessed we are to know who He is! Let’s pray and thank Him for who He is.

“Thank You, Lord, that You are"...

"and You are my"...

When times are tough, we especially need to hold onto the truth about who God is. When we understand His character, it can become an anchor to secure us when the storms of life hit.

We also press in by worshipping God. In worship we shift our focus from our circumstances to God’s goodness, power, and love.

Here are two songs that sing about WHO HE IS. I believe they will lift you up as you worship Him for WHO HE IS. The video (choice 2) is wonderful!

1. Maker/Surrounded (Fight my Battles) (Radio Edit) by Caleb and Kelsey.

2. Passion - Worthy Of Your Name (Live) ft. Sean Curran

Friend, I love you and I am praying for you!


Remember my book, Continuous Peace, will help to develop a deeper walk with God and equip you to live the life of peace God intended. If you are already reading it let me know how it is going, if not you can read the intro here. xoxo

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