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Let me share a childhood memory

As far back as I can remember, when I saw someone who seemed to be hurting, I wanted to help.

My first memory of this was in second grade during recess.

One fall afternoon, I was in the school playground walking around by myself when I noticed a little boy standing in the center of the play yard. I can still recall how panicked he looked as he squeezed his hands and fidgeted nervously while standing still.

Immediately it was as if I could hear his body language shouting,

I am alone!

I am not seen!

I want a friend.

I NEED a friend!

I could see the pain he was experiencing as he stood in the playground all alone…. without a friend... without someone to blend in with.

I was only about 7 at the time. I was being raised in a home with an alcoholic father. I had already begun to shut down in my dad's presence and the lack of trust had already taken root in my heart. Like I said I was walking around by myself that day on the playground.

I think … no I know… that because I was already experiencing a deep pain, the ache of loneliness that filled my chest, and the discomfort of not fitting in… I was able to SEE … see with understanding without a word being spoken what he was feeling.

Even though I felt unseen, unheard, lonely and I had no friends... I could see him, and I immediately identified with his pain and loneliness.

Identifying with his pain empowered me to walk across the play yard and introduce myself.

I said, “Hello my name is Dawn…. I’d like to be your friend.”

His face lit up with the brightest of smiles as he quickly exclaimed, “My name is Elmer!”

With that we began to have an everyday type of conversation that 7-year-olds could have. I could tell by the look on his face that somehow some of his pain had subsided just by me befriending him.

I am not sure where you are in the “school yard” but I want to be your friend.

I HAVE SEEN God take my pain and replace it with treasures. God has given me a compassion and a calling to mentor those who are where I used to be; those who may be:

  • wounded but desiring to be free

  • exhausted trying to figure it out on their own

  • hungry for God's truths

  • desiring a better way to live

  • hoping for someone to come alongside of them

In obedience to God, I’ve created an online Monthly Mentoring Membership called:

You CAN Thrive!

Let me ask you, are you hoping

  • to be closer to God and know Him better

  • to be able to hear God’s voice and know you are loved

  • to be free from the weight of your past

  • to live the life the Bible says you can

  • to connect and journey with other women

If so, perhaps you would love to join the You CAN Thrive! Mentoring Membership.

Everything is accessible from the comfort of your own home, and you can work at your own pace.

Every month I will teach on a foundational topic, adding truths, tools, and insights for application. Month by month we will be built up individually and through our community. We will build our faith, be restored, and be empowered to take another faithful step in walking out our best life in Christ!

Check it out for yourself! Here is a link to tell you more about the mentoring membership.

I would love to connect with you, get to know you a little bit better, and see if this is a fit for you.

Email Me at Let’s jump on a “get to know you” call.

“Hello, my name is Dawn…. I’d like to be your friend.”


PS SIGN UP in January and RECEIVE a free eBook copy of my book Continuous Peace, 4 Steps to Living the Life of Peace God Intended.

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