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We CAN be Renewed

Updated: Mar 26

SPRING is almost here! Today was the first day I sat on my deck and spent time with God as I read my Bible. It was wonderful being outside. I could feel HOPE in the air. I heard birds chirping, and I could imagine warm breezes, sun shining, and spring flowers blooming. Springtime is a NEW season, a season that allows us to go beyond our four walls and enjoy the gifts that spring brings.

We are also blessed heading into the Easter season.

Easter makes me think of the word RENEW. Easter reminds me of a time that God makes all things new through Christ Jesus. When Jesus died and resurrected, He was making a way for us to have a relationship with the Father! He was making a way for us to have NEW LIFE in Him. What a Gift!

Renew is a beautiful word that means to restart, return to, begin again, repair, restore, mend, make good, revitalize, rejuvenate, refresh, and revive.

  • Let me ask you friend, do you desire to renew your walk with God?

During this Easter season many of us desire to renew our relationship with Jesus. Often times we are not where we want to be with Him. We may feel that we have fallen short of our own goals to be in His Word, know Him more, or just draw near to Him. I understand and I have been there many times.

I also know that my life has been renewed and transformed by seeking God through His Word. Over time, He helped me to understand His truths and they became the truths I lived by. Knowing those truths began setting me free from all that was holding me back from a deep relationship with Jesus.

We are transformed by the Word of God. WE ARE ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS! We are a MASTERPIECE being fully developed by our Creator.

I want to share this quick 5-minute video with you.

In it I share a real-life example of when I was frustrated by what I read in the Bible. I cried out to God and His answer transformed the rest of my life! 

Friend, I know how important the Word of God is to our Christian life. 

That is why today I am offering you for the first time… a mini course that I used in my Mentorship. This has helped so many to dive into the Word of God and DEEPEN their relationship with Him.

The POWERFUL TRUTH Mini-Course includes:

PART 1 The Powerful Word

  • The Powerful Truth ~ Bring Your Cup

  • Our Sharp Sword

  • Testimonies: How Others Seek the Lord

PART 2 Transformation through the Word

  • It's a JOURNEY!

  • Testimonies of Other's Journeys!

  • Create Your Own ROUTINE

I am so excited to share these precious interviews that I had with amazing women from my online community! You WILL BE BLESSED by their hearts, testimonies, and ways they seek God!

We help to remove the myths and “laws” about reading the Word and help you create YOUR OWN ROUTINE.

God desires to lead us into a deeper relationship with Him. This course (interviews, teachings, and handouts) can meet us right where we are and RENEW our heart and mind.


Grab hold of the One who holds you!



The interviews alone are worth your time and investment!


PS For a Limited Time I am SLASHING THE PRICE of:

The Powerful Truth Course to only $19 ($67 value)

CONSIDER giving The POWERFUL TRUTH Mini-Course to BLESS a friend!

You could gift the mini-course to a family member or friend to help them in their journey!

I pray this blesses you!


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