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Peace in the Broken Places

Hello friend!!!

I am so excited to share with you a wonderful, in-depth conversation & a giveaway that I offered on a recent podcast.

You can listen to our conversation on The Mom Next Door podcast.

During the podcast, I spoke about being so thankful for the two moms that used their everyday lives to change the trajectory of my young life.

The first mom gave me a compass … without even realizing that she had changed the direction of my life.

The second mom saw my devastated heart and lovingly asked, “How are you?” That simple question led me to God, His love, forgiveness, and His abundant joy. That day God rescued me from the pit I was in.

We spoke about how God uses our everyday lives to bless and impact others.

Be encouraged as you listen

God wants you to know you are loved!

You are NEVER too far from God for Him to reach you.

Never too wounded that God cannot comfort you.

Your heart Never too walled off, that Almighty God cannot heal you.

Your life is NEVER too ordinary that God cannot use it.

This is where we can find PEACE in the broken places!

This is what Pam posted about our conversation:

“So many times tragedy, fear, anxiety, low self esteem, rejection and loneliness try to sneak in and steal our peace. Dawn's story started out that way and created so many opportunities to wall off parts of her heart. BUT THEN GOD was introduced to her and she was met with the greatest love. If you are desperate for peace or living in fear we pray that you are able to surrender those broken places to Jesus and be healed. Our scars point to an amazing healer!”

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Now for the gift I mentioned above:

Today I am excited to give you the first 3 videos & handouts in my course as a gift.

My 4 Steps to JumpStart Your Peace course empowers Christians with tools, spiritual insights, and truths to overcome their past and break free from every lie and obstacle that has been holding them back… in order to live the life of peace God intended. Applying the principles in that course will lead you to God’s peace, joy, freedom, and a deeper relationship with Him!

I am giving you the full 1st Step as a mini course which includes 3 video teachings & handouts, as a gift.

In these 3 videos, I take the mystery out of having God’s peace. Each lesson shows a different aspect of having or keeping His peace. I hope you jump in and enjoy them!


Listen on your favorite podcast player app or right here at:


3 Free Video Lessons on PEACE

Thanks for journeying with me!

Love you friend!


PS Do yourself a favor and add: The Mom Next Door Podcast, Stories of Faith with Pam Fields, to your podcast list. Her podcasts have blessed me greatly!!

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