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Hello my friend!

I have a few FREE things for you!

First, I want to offer a free pdf that goes hand-in-hand with the following podcast that I recorded on the Build Your Best Family Podcast.

On this podcast I share the negative harvest I started my marriage with and the amazing lessons I learned.

I share the 5 actions that changed my life, and they can impact yours as well. Get the FREE EBOOK:

Here is the Podcast link that goes with the eBook:

LET’S LIVE ON PURPOSE impacting our life, family, and marriage.

Let me introduce you to the host of the podcast and my new friend, Kim Amici. She is a Family Culture Coach - Helping families to live connected and with purpose.

Check her out at:

If you visit her site, you can download her Core Values Inventory Sheet and more.

ALSO!!! Amplify family

Here is a FUN video interview with me, Hali, and AJ! It’s fast paced and engaging!!! 💛💛💛 Join us!! We had an amazing conversation about how our Divine Creator will transform our lives.

You can watch this also at:

Have you felt frustrated in your walk with God?

Have you ever felt like, “I don’t even like who I am?”

I have.

And in this episode, I share how I cried out to God… frustrated with my walk with Him and how He answered my cry.

When we hold on to Jesus, He changes us from the inside out!

We share so many ENCOURAGING messages. I pray this conversation brings you hope, and God gives you His peace and freedom as He meets you right where you are!!! This is the most exciting journey we get to take!

I really do love you friend! I am praying that these conversations will help you to THRIVE!

CAN YOU PLEASE forward this to your friends?

He loves you! He sees you! He is with you!


PS In 2 weeks look for PART 2 of SOAR. ALONG with another FREE giveaway!

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