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Prayers That Led to Peace

Check out the free offer below!

Hello friend!

I was just interviewed on the Praying Christian Women Podcast.

I want to invite you to listen in to a wonderful conversation that Jaime Hampton and I had about the Prayers That Led to Peace.

Our conversation covered topics like:

  • My life prior to having peace, and the prayers that led me to God’s Peace.

  • Turn the burners off! Learn how this statement can transform how we process fear and respond to life.

  • Once I had peace, I had to learn how to guard it. I wanted to stay in that really good feeling.


Here is what a few people are saying about our conversation:

Your prayer podcast is such a beautiful ministering application for EVERYONE- regardless of where they are in their faith – it LITERALLY shows the individual “where they are” presently with their faith and it is Life Changing for ALL who are open. Thank you for your testimony. - Valarie

That podcast was AMAZING! - Monica

Your Storytelling about your dad is so powerful! Talks straight to the listener’s heart! - Jonathan


I also share about the 3 Video Lessons

that I am giving away for FREE.

Honestly, I teach these lessons in my groups and I know they are impactful!

Here is some of what is covered on those 3 free videos:

  • What is peace? HOW to have God’s peace.

  • The ONE real-life lesson that CHANGED the rest of my life.

  • The common BUT SNEAKY obstacles that rob our peace.

Please grab the 3 Lessons THEY ARE a FOUNDATION to God’s PEACE!

Join me friend, and let’s LIVE the life of PEACE God intended.

Forever cheering you on!


PS The MATERIAL is for guys too. Just the name of the podcast is “Praying Christian Women.” Lol.

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