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Relying on God's Love - My Mom's Story

I cried this morning as I remembered that today I would prepare this newsletter. It was as if a heaviness covered me… honestly it was a deep sadness.

I knew that this newsletter would be about my mom. She was my best friend! She was always there for me! It is an encouraging message… but my sadness comes in because I miss her so deeply. This week represents seventeen years since she went to heaven.

My mom was only 16 when she had me. My dad was an alcoholic who was abusive. She divorced him when my brother and I were young. She really did not have a strong safety net. I know she felt as if she were on her own with a few exceptions. But amazingly she pulled from within and having my brother and I as her motivation she did amazing things. She went back to school, then onto college classes for a specific certificate. I remember the first job she interviewed for. At home that night she was anticipating a call from them. When the phone rang… she took a deep breath and answered. When she hung up, she was overjoyed!!!

She said, “Let’s CELEBRATE!!!” She made popcorn and the three of us hugged, jumped up and down, and were sooo thankful for mom getting a job.

That was a season that began her working, and at times she had to work multiple jobs to care for us as she desired. You know my mom’s life was definitely hard, but she made the best of it.

I think many of us can identify with our circumstances being hard, and not having a lot of support, but yet we can celebrate specific things in that hard season.

I see how God had His hand on us. I never thought of my mom as too young or any different from the other moms... she was just mom. As I became an adult, I had wounds of my own and my wounds led me to Jesus. I am forever grateful!

My mom saw the immediate difference in me, but it was two years later when she faced a painful work situation in which she could find no answers… it was then that she looked up and invited Christ in as her Savior.

I loved growing in the Lord with my mom. She would attend many of my early teachings. She would host gatherings and studies at her house with a few of her wonderful Christian friends. She loved her church. She was growing and beautiful from the inside out.

My mom taught me many things, but nothing was as powerful as the story I want to share with you.

Friend, I want to share this FREE GIVEAWAY with you.

Get Encouraged Here:

I am honored to share this FREE GIVEAWAY… it’s my mom’s story of relying on God’s love … this is when she taught me to walk by faith. I hope this blesses you, right where you are!

Please take a minute to read these encouraging words. Click here to read:

My mom’s Story brings HOPE and a clear example of how to rely on God’s love even when you don’t see His hand.

I believe ALL of us can gain wisdom, faith, and encouragement by reading my mom’s story.

Please read and LET ME KNOW what you think!

I love you, friend, I am so glad you are a part of my THRIVE family!

Relying On God… even when I don’t see His hand,


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