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Take Time to Enjoy

Let’s take time to enjoy the small moments in our lives.

In this life there will be so many issues and things that we have to pay attention to and do, but my challenge to us all is to truly try to enjoy the little things in life.

WE CAN ENJOY what is around us. Recently my son was walking when he “saw” a lone, fragile, beautiful dandelion. He chose to slow down and really take in its unique qualities. He took a few pictures, and they are a reminder to me of the true beauty that is hidden in plain sight.

It's in focusing on those moments with true enjoyment that really lifts us up to take in the greatness of life. For me sitting down and enjoying a specific moment can be so powerful! That is when my heart overflows with thanksgiving to God for all that He provides.

But I have found that I have to train myself to slow down to see those moments that are worthy of enjoying.

EnJOYing brings us joy!

Joy is a huge gift from God.

Nehemiah 8:10 (NAS) says, For the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Our joy grows by appreciating the little things in life. By rejoicing in the little things, they can become really big blessings.

Honestly, it can be simple. We can purposely enjoy the beautiful colors of each season, a kind word from a stranger, a thoughtful gesture of a friend, a “yummy” meal, a comfy chair, or a warm breeze against our face.

Slowing down and enjoying the everydayness of life can be a true joy.

So many times, we are missing the opportunities to enjoy the people and things that are in plain sight because we are focused on the negatives, or on what has to be done, or where we are going.

Sadly, we can be doing life with others side by side, or we can be running in the same direction, but are we really enjoying one another?

Here are a few more ideas that can help us embrace ENJOYING our life.

We can

  • Allow moments of “awe” to replace our rush

  • Choose to reflect on loving and caring for another

  • Enjoy those that God has entrusted to us

  • Enjoy the kind word we get to give

  • Enjoy the kind words of others that we weren't expecting

  • Enjoy rest

  • Enjoy the silence and enjoy the noise (Seasons quickly pass but we can enjoy those precious moments)

  • Enjoy the sun that is shining or the rain that's coming down

  • Enjoy listening to the sounds of creation as they sing their songs

  • Enjoy our surroundings, relationships, and enjoy the moments that make today our day

  • Enjoy our time with God

  • Enjoy the truth that we are loved

  • Enjoy the good things that were, that are, and that are to come

No matter what season we are in, there are people or things that we can enjoy.

Lord, help me to enjoy my time with You and those You have entrusted to me. I appreciate the gifts You continually provide in my life. Open my eyes to see true beauty that is hidden in plain sight. May my heart rejoice in those treasured moments. And thank You for being my constant companion! In Jesus’ Name.”

Friend, let’s choose to enjoy the small things, which can amount to really big moments of joy!

Choosing to enjoy,


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