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Remain faithful.

Throughout our daily lives as we care for and love those God has entrusted to us, whether it is for a moment or a lifetime, we can make a difference.

You have no idea those you are impacting for good, just by being you and fulfilling what God has called you to.

The temptation may arise causing us to second-guess if we are really making a difference.

I am here to tell you, and please hear me… YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

You make a difference when you love God. Your relationship with God will overflow into the lives of all those you touch.

You make a difference when you love your family, when you slow down and enjoy them, as well as when you care for their needs.

Every time you offer a smile to another, you make a difference.

Every time you complement a person, and you get to see your kind words fill them up, you are making a difference.

You make a difference whenever you see a need and offer to help in some way or you ask, “Is there something that I can pray for you?” and then listen. This allows the other person to feel seen, heard, and not alone.

You can impact another when you reach out to check on them. This can cause them to feel loved and cared for.

Yes!!! Through every small and generous gesture of caring and kindness, by sharing God’s love, you are making a difference in the world. God’s plan is for each of us to do the good He has called us to.

Ephesians 4:29 (NLT)

Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.

Here is a prayer we can pray:

“Lord, I love you. Please overflow my heart and life to reflect the great love I have found in You. Give me an ear to hear You as You lead me, and eyes to see others as You see them. Help me to encourage others through a smile, kind word or wise counsel when needed. Lord, use my everyday life to make a difference.”

I am so thankful that God’s plan is that we can come alongside one another and make a difference. We get to show up and allow God to use our lives in simple but impactful ways!

I want you to know God sees you! He LOVES you! He knows right where you are and He sees your every good, kind, gracious, friendly, faithful, generous gesture of love. Nothing goes unnoticed by God.

Continue to make a difference,


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