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A Chat with 2 Pastors

Hello friends,

Are you looking for something to listen to or watch this weekend?

I had the honor of being a guest on the EntrePASTORS Podcast. In this interview, I shared my testimony of how God has used the wounds of my past as tools to help others. I hope this interview will bless you.

Here are a few words from their Show Notes!


“In this episode of the EntrePastors Podcast Jon and Les sit down with Dawn Marasco to talk about the ministry/business she is building as she is serving others who are in need of deep healing like God has done for her.  Dawn shares her powerful story of how God met her at a place of deep pain and trauma in her past and brought healing and wholeness into her life.  Dawn is now on a mission to share the hope, freedom, and peace that only Jesus can truly give as she is growing her online platform.”

Here is the guide that I offered to their guests.

Friend, God can use even the hardest places in our lives to bring transformation and create peace, joy, and hope that we get to share as tools to help others.

Our past does not dictate our future harvest! God does!

I would love to chat! Email me at and let me know if you want to jump on a quick call to connect. I would love to encourage you and pray for you!

Our God is so good!


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